Corporate groups have the opportunity to master the art of leadership and teamwork through our custom designed ON-THE-WATER experience.

The participants engage in an introductory seminar focusing upon the tasks involved in challenging projects.  The seminar is immediately followed up with hands-on activities.  The members act together as a cohesive unit to operate the vessel, meet the demands of the wind and current, and engage in decision-making with problem solving.  In addition, the participants will be challenged with assignments requiring the members to communicate, coordinate, organize tasks, and function as a team to solve problems.

As a team, participants must respond to a constantly changing environment.  Members of the team are dependent upon each other in a dramatic format.  At the end of the experience, the group should achieve success as an effective team with improved interpersonal skills and relationships. The excitement of the planned activities, combined with expert facilitation, create a learning experience that has long-term, tangible effects when transferred and applied back to the workplace


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